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JP-S55500914-A: patent, JP-S5550919-A: Core strip piece blank* core strip piece and these preparation patent, JP-S5551059-A: Nnhydroxypropylamide of alllee and 133zzretine acid*its manufacture and drug containing it patent, JP-S5551879-A: Finishing process patent, JP-S5552400-A: Leather painting agent patent, JP-S5552717-A: Production of bedding patent, JP-S5553188-A: Power supply for driving ac motor patent, JP-S5553396-A: Flute patent, JP-S5554302-A: Preparation of cationic polyelectrolyte patent, JP-S5555107-A: Herbicidal composition patent, JP-S5555510-A: Method of manufacturing superconductive coil patent, JP-S5555595-A: Semiconductor light amplifier patent, JP-S5555613-A: Surface acoustic wave device patent, JP-S5555686-A: Color solidstate pick up unit patent, JP-S5556208-A: Fluid pressure controller patent, JP-S5557389-A: Bonding method of ferriferous alloy member patent, JP-S5557555-A: Manufacture of sodium mmnitrobenzenesulfate patent, JP-S5560194-A: Equipment for coolant intake at heat exchanger patent, JP-S5560763-A: Safety device for shaft seal patent, JP-S5561722-A: Thresher patent, JP-S5562719-A: Single-phase transformer patent, JP-S5563385-A: Method of repairing inner wall of rotary kiln patent, JP-S5564881-A: Part sorter patent, JP-S5566332-A: Toaster patent, JP-S556719-A: Method of burying long grounding electrode into ground patent, JP-S5567410-A: Lining for pipe patent, JP-S5567499-A: Method of finishing surface of patterned member patent, JP-S5567653-A: Measuring method of methotrexate concentration in body fluids and combination of measuring reagent patent, JP-S5567741-A: Silver halide photosensitive material patent, JP-S556779-A: Device for lighting discharge lamp patent, JP-S5568945-A: Regulator for quantity of body part washing water patent, JP-S5569335-A: Expansion disc brake patent, JP-S5569602-A: Method and apparatus for recovering energy from manufacture of polymer from monomer gas patent, JP-S5570093-A: Method of mounting part onto printed board patent, JP-S5570104-A: Inductive radio antenna device patent, JP-S5570853-A: Pressure fixing capsule toner patent, JP-S5571506-A: Casting automatic mud stop device patent, JP-S5571801-A: Skirt cutting method patent, JP-S5572839-A: Controller of vibration test equipment patent, JP-S5573080-A: Display and seal member of label * seal * etc* * and preparing same patent, JP-S5573733-A: Manufacturing of spacer made of synthetic resin patent, JP-S5574810-A: Preparation of dressing veneer patent, JP-S5575139-A: Cooler capable of higher cooling capacity by lowering condensation temperature through dew water patent, JP-S5575340-A: Pulse oscillator circuit patent, JP-S5576576-A: Thermo cell patent, JP-S5576687-A: Shrounding ring in sewing machine patent, JP-S5577337-A: Gap winding rotary machine patent, JP-S5577715-A: Laser scanner patent, JP-S5578361-A: Error detection system of data patent, JP-S5578394-A: Coin selecting mechanism patent, JP-S5578540-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S5578677-A: Cathode-ray tube protective device patent, JP-S5579179-A: Printer patent, JP-S5579424-A: Electric shutter utilizing phase synchronization of pll patent, JP-S5580344-A: Manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-S5581096-A: Laser welding control method patent, JP-S5582052-A: Detector for decomposition product in gas chamber patent, JP-S5582128-A: Preparation of making film containing enzyme patent, JP-S5582215-A: Combustion control device for incinerator patent, JP-S5582399-A: Disaster happening watch and prevent device patent, JP-S5582667-A: Nozzle plate for ink jet printer patent, JP-S5582750-A: Heat treatment omitting type steel bar for hot forging patent, JP-S5583924-A: Medical document producing device patent, JP-S5584218-A: Speed control device in rolling mill patent, JP-S5584281-A: Mounting method of support tire for rotary kiln patent, JP-S558451-A: Melting apparatus of lead and lead alloy patent, JP-S5586249-A: Method of determining start of sequence for data transmission system patent, JP-S5586494-A: Machine that join net product together patent, JP-S5586563-A: Method of coating urethane resin bonding agent patent, JP-S55868-A: Method of drying tobacco leaf or similars by gradually raising temperature while maintaining wettbulb temperature patent, JP-S5587132-A: Light emission control system of electronic flash patent, JP-S558752-A: Blood measuring device patent, JP-S5587635-A: Preventing device from being-caught by automobile patent, JP-S5588038-A: Aperture device for zoom lens or the like patent, JP-S5588369-A: I2l semiconductor device patent, JP-S5588832-A: Removal of h2s from tail gas by using recirculating nmp extractant patent, JP-S5589783-A: Discrimination circuit for time casting signal patent, JP-S5590481-A: Manufacture of porcelain*glass or plastics utilizing water glass patent, JP-S5590779-A: Control valve patent, JP-S5591151-A: Resistance element for hybrid integrated circuit patent, JP-S5592513-A: Cable reel patent, JP-S5593793-A: Crane saddle patent, JP-S5594031-A: Balance type electromagnetic band clutch patent, JP-S5594525-A: Input circuit for digital protection relay patent, JP-S5595063-A: Hot water feeder patent, JP-S5596166-A: Inhaler patent, JP-S5597129-A: Current transformer protector patent, JP-S5597687-A: Device for preventing vibration of bucket for containing packed commodity in automatic vending machine patent, JP-S5598215-A: Unsaturated polyester resin composition patent, JP-S5598598-A: Shield excavator patent, JP-S5598978-A: Dyeing of polyamide product patent, JP-S559922-A: Washable furniture patent, JP-S56100508-A: Final stage amplifier electronic safety device with mossfet final stage transistor patent, JP-S56101302-A: Device for preventing idle rotation of motor-driven vehicle patent, JP-S56101619-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S5610191-A: Clavulanic acid derivative* its manufacture and composition patent, JP-S56101947-A: Wefting apparatus of air jet type loom patent, JP-S56102125-A: Tertiary mode logic circuit patent, JP-S56102614-A: Gas turbine combustor patent, JP-S56102630-A: Air conditioner patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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